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Event Venue

finding an event venue

These are steps should you take to find the right event venue.

1. Start early

A popular event venue can be booked up for months or even years in advance. On top of this, booking speakers, vendors, or performers is easier when you start early.

The more notice you have, the higher the chance of getting the right venue…and the less stressful the process will be.

2. Work to a set of criteria

That goes for venue search, too. You’ll need to create a list of criteria. This should cover everything from capacity to health and safety, distance from public transport and staffing.

3. Set a budget

Ensuring a budget is sensible advice in anything you do in business or life. This is part of your criteria, but deserves its own division. Not only should you budget for the venue hire itself but also for any safety considerations, staffing, and licensing.

You should always think about your budget when finding an event venue.

4. Shortlist and reach out

It can be very tempting to just find a venue which looks appropriate and go for it. It will mean fewer hours of negotiations and evaluating, but it can also mean getting a raw deal and not noticing.

Finding just one venue is tough, but the task at hand is actually to find multiple events and whittle them down to the best one.

5. Visit the area

A visit can easily swing your decision one way or the other. Turn up and find there is no parking or access, rude staff, and broken equipment? It’s best to stay away.

Visits can be time consuming, but they have the added advantage of showing you whether or not the venue feels right for your event.